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Last flight cancelled

24 hours, 1 neighbourhood, 3 different time slots.
Photos made within the neighbourhood for the inhabitants of Rotterdam.
Commissioned by De kracht van Rotterdam.

My inspiration was the apocalyptic airport of Overschie, Rotterdam The Hague Airport. It has this retro old fashioned vibe and is at the same time the gateway to many other worlds. That gave me a magical, futuristic, retro feeling and inspirered me a lot. I created a concept to do the photo shoot within the airport. I got permission by the airport, but at the same day, they got nervous about it and send us away.

Plans are made to be changed, right?!

I changed the concept, from Last flight to Last flight cancelled. We rent a car and improvised on different shooting location. We created this apocalyptic vibe.

Rotterdam 2025, crisis on earth. One natural disasters after another is occuring.
Mother Earth is uninhabitable! The residents are desperate looking for a safe destination.
What if, even the last flight to an utopian world has been cancelled, where to go? There is only room for the strongest! Who will survive?

Last flight cancelled, 2019.

Art direction, photography and styling by Perrine Philomeen.
Assistant Maartje Eggink.
Models Lois, Luca & Louise.

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© Perrine Philomeen 2023