Perrine Philomeen
Art director based in Rotterdam.

Perrine Philomeen focuses on the globalized world, which is constantly on the move. She observes current society and questions the future. She transforms her observations into strong images with the help of photography, styling, 3D, prints and fashion. The right doses of humor, contrast, optimism and innovation are always present in her work.


February 2020 - Art Rotterdam.
February 2020 - Modest Fashion exhibition, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam.

August 2019- Atlas Electronic, Marocco.
March 2019- Last flight cancelled, De kracht van Rotterdam. 
January 2019- Group exhibition curated by MOAM, New Generation 2019, Lab 111, Amsterdam.

November 2018- Group exhibition, Youth Sprouts Talents, SBK Amsterdam.
November 2018- Talk ‘Hijab in Transition’, The Hmm, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam.
Oct till Nov 2018- Solo exhibition, Melkweg Stairway Bar, Amsterdam.
October 2018- YA Present, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven.
Sept till Oct 2018- Group exhibition, ‘Higher Animal’, SBK Dordrecht.
Nominated for the Drempelprijs 2018 category Fashion & Social Design.

December 2017- Group exhibition, Not a single story, TENT Rotterdam.
September 2017- Group exhibition, Het langhuis, Zwolle.
Augustus 2017- Group exhibition, Scooters will never die, het Tijdelijk Museum voormalig Bijlmerbajes, Amsterdam.
November 2017- Group exhibition, My Masaai, Lagos Photo Festival, Lagos.
April 2017- Group exhibition, My Masaai, Kenya National Archives, Nairobi.

December 2016- Group exhibition, Hacked, Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam.

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