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‘Power To The Models’ – Curated by Jan Hoek


We consider it normal that a photographer, with his or her background and norms and values, determines how a model is photographed. The power in the relationship is clear: the photographer is leading, the model conforms. There is a real danger that the photo is stigmatizing or re-affirms a stereotype. But what if you turn the tables around? What if you give the power in the relationship to the role the model?

Power to the Models is the result: eleven installations of eleven models that include Chiara Bardelli Tonino, a photo editor of the Italian Vogue, Mohan Verstegen, a soldier who is also a queer activist,  Sylvana Simons, a politician and activist, and DJ Tiësto, a famous DJ. Other models are Baqteria, Hatti Rees, Bruin Parry, Lotte van Eijk, Ismail Ilgun, Chiara Bardelli Nonino, Jyoti Weststrate, Dick de Koning on display in the Stedelijk Museum Breda.

I created those beautiful dresses for Lotte van Eijk, inspired by Charlize Theron in the J’adore campagne

Model Lotte van Eijk
Photographer Sabine Metz
Costume & styling Perrine Philomeen

Commissioned by Breda Photo.

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